River Ridge High School is a local school in Los Angeles California. Of course in high school, you have the jocks, the cheerleaders, the popular crowd, the nerds/geeks and the losers. In this high school being apart of a clique is a huge deal. If you wanted to be popular you had to follow what the leader would want to do. The popular kids consist of the snobby rich kids of California who could give two shits about anything. The populars dont care what people think of them since they rule the school. Tons and tons of rumors and secrets have been revealed and some yet to be discovered. Come join the school of Gossip and Fun. Dont get in the way of the popular crowd.

In this high school, there are two popular groups in each grade. They all dislike each other and start drama. You have the two Junior popular groups, The Fierce Bitches and the Famous 5. Now these popular groups really hate eachother, they have their own group, their own lunch table, and their own gossip. The popular seniors The Queens of the school, and the hollywood bitches. These top four groups of River Ridge High can make the school, hectic.

Junior Groups
Famous Five
Fierce Bitches

Senior Group
The Queens
Hollywood Bitches

Teddy Dinex | Grade: Junior | Group: Fierce Bitches | Age: 16 | FC: Britt Robertson | OPEN

Bio: Up to Roleplayer

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